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Gaga For Gucci: A Fashionista’s Guide to the Vintage Version…

Carrie Bradshaw famously quipped, “I like to see my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet” (see vintage gospels). Well, get ready to make a deposit to your closet! Investing in any piece from Gucci’s spring/summer 2016 line is a win-win for any seasoned mode-nista.

Every time the spring and fall fashion shows hit the runway, I shift into high obsessive gear. I spend hours upon hours trawling the internet for the vintage couture counterparts. I started using Ebay once upon a time, but I didn’t like the anxiety that came with the territory. Losing a bid to some two-bit “joey” just didn’t sit well with me. I was losing sleep over this shitty system. Who thought of this? It doesn’t work for fashion neurotics like me (I sound like Veruca Salt..daddy I want it now)! Then a friend told me about Etsy. The fashion gods answered my prayers. This site strictly supports new artists and vintage aficionados alike. It’s instant gratification with one click of a button. Easy to buy. Easy to sell. No bidding. No bull.

Here are my top must haves and their vintage “fraternal” doppelgangers.

First Pic: Risaroxx Vintage Moschino embroidered suit.

Gucci Embroidered Etsy

Second Pic: Risaroxx Vintage chiffon striped maxi dress.

 Gucci Red Chiffon Etsy

Third Pic: Risaroxx Vintage blue midi-dress with Van Gogh tie.

Gucci Blue Etsy

 Gucci-fy 13 Gucci-fy 2 Gucci-fy 4 Gucci-fy 10 Gucci-fy 7 Gucci-fy 3 Gucci-fy 5  Gucci-fy 15Gucci-fy 11  Guccify 100  Guccify 64 Guccify 60 (1) Guccify 67 Guccify 68 Guccify 75  Guccify 76 Guccify 72 Guccify 45 Guccify 49 Guccify 53 Guccify 54 Guccify 52 Guccify 50 Guccify 42 Guccify 41 Guccify 40

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