The Vintage Gospels

And SHE Said, “LET THERE BE FASHION!” And There Was Fashion

1:1 The Gospel According to Carrie:  I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.

Buying couture is an investment.  Just like buying art.  Over time, those runway pieces will be a staple in your vintage collection.  You can wear it every once in awhile and pass it down to your daughter or niece.  Carrie Bradshaw complained that she might as well be, “The woman who actually lived in her shoes” because she had procured so many Manolos and Jimmys instead of a retirement plan. These days, one can re-sell their couture online for a pretty reasonable price. Reincarnate to the vintage gods so you can re-stock your closet. There is always someone out there who is still obsessing (like me) over what they didn’t buy years ago. Let your closet be your 401K.


1:2 The Gospel According to Coco:  Elegance is refusal.

Refusing to dress like everyone else is the epitome of confidence and individuality. Coco Chanel paved her own road to style with her risky pantsuits. Her eponymous line defied the laws of style. Don’t let one trend or style define you. Mix the funky with the classic and the old with the new. My favorite is a stained pair of boyfriend jeans (literally, your man’s) with a punk t-shirt (Sex Pistols will do), white converse high tops, and a Chanel tweed jacket. The pièce de résistance: a classic pearl necklace. I have my mother’s white and black varieties from Japan. Chanel had a jewelry box full of them. Take risks and refuse to be part of the norm.


1:3 The Gospel According to Karl:  Black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means.

The term, “modern” is subjective. You can never go wrong with a classic black and white outfit as Lagerfeld states. But NEVER wear a vintage decade from head to toe (well, there are exceptions), unless you are actually going to a costume party. Let the vintage piece be your conversation. Mix modern with vintage, and you have something unusual. Stick with black and white, and you will always get it right!


1:4 The Gospel According to Alexis:  I love that outfit! I’m amazed that it lasted so many seasons!

We all know that Alexis Carrington (played brilliantly by Joan Collins) was one bad-ass bitch, right? Little did she know that the “outfit” would come back in ten to twenty years…with a vengeance. Okay, Alexis, we hear you. But vintage aficionados will shop your discarded items and wear them with pride. We have no shame. The outfit, Alexis, HAS lasted so many seasons. It’s called vintage, babe!

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