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(Photo: Dolce and Gabbana Instagram)


Music and fashion can be categorized as art, right? It’s been argued that art inevitably makes the human race immortal. So…if fashion is art, then Dolce and Gabbana are the Gods incarnate!

Move over Versace, there’s a new “Medici” come to town, and all the world is their stage! Well, they’ve had the world by it’s idiomatic balls for some time now, but many might proclaim Dolce and Gabbanna to be the new ruling family in these here parts.

Perché mio amico?

Amalfi 2016!

So send your lords and nobles by proxy to salute and pay tribute to this acclaimed collection! Herald the trumpets! Send in the jesters, your knight errants, and fashion courtesans–quite literally!

Let it reign, let it reign! Let it reign supreme!

Italia’s finest couturiers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have produced the quintessential Italian riviera experience. Think Roman Holiday on primary color steroids. Wait…Roman Holiday was a technicolor movie, right? Hmmm! Whatever the movie set in Italy (it could’ve been It Started in Naples or even The Talented Mr. Ripley), I remember seeing striped sundresses in primary colors and post-card print pedal pushers with creatively customized gingham crop tops. Claret and and lapis lazuli hued scarves wrapped purposefully around flaxen hair–slightly kissed by the Mediterranean sun. Sorry to be too fastidious, but invoking the mood of this collection is based entirely on a mood board from 50s and 60s coastal Italy. There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe the masterful craftsmanship of each piece. It’s pure genius, I say!

After seeing the collection and dog-earring the corners of my Vogue, Bazaar, and Marie Claire magazines (yes, I still buy magazines), I knew that I wanted to recreate this collection à la vintage. Some of the pictured items are from Etsy, some are directly from my personal collection. Here is what I came up with. All items are available on Risaroxx Vintage and sold as individual pieces.

Che talor cresce una belta un bel manto–fine clothes often make beauty still more beautiful (Ariosto).


Dolce stripe 2 Dolce stripe 4 Dolce romper 3 Dolce romper 4 Dolce romper Dolce romper 2 Dolce one shoulder Dolce one shoulder 2 Dolce off shoulder Dolce off shoulder 4 Dolcer off shoulder 3 Dolce yellow off shoulder  Dolce yellow off shoulder 2 Dolce red stripe 1 Dolce red stripe 2 Dolce red stripe 3 Dolce red stripe 4 Dolce red stripe 5 Dolce red stripe 6 Dolce red stripe 7 Dolce mash 2 Dolce mash Dolce mash 4 Dolce mash 3 Dolce mash 5 Dolce fruit 2 Dolce fruit Dolce mix 1 Dolce mix 2 Dolce mix 3 Dolce yellow Dolce yellow 8Dolce yellow 7 Dolce yellow 5 Dolce yellow 3 Dolce yellow 4 Dolce yellow 6 Dolce yellow 2 Dolce 60s Dolce 60s 2 Dolce 60s 3 Dolce 60s 4



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