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April 2016


Look of the Week

Trippy Trumps Kitschy…

The two pretties are back to invade my closet. They’re here for another vintage fix. They say they want something different this time. I’m too lazy to tackle the ugly maze that is my warehouse. It’s too big a chore to go on an unscheduled visit. I have to prepare myself way in advance for these things. So I open my closet.

I’m thinking atomic space age, but nothing of that nature is stored in my closet at the moment. Instead of space age, which would fit their description of different, I settle on psychedelic and hippie. My closet runneth over with 70s chiffon and ethnic gauzy jumpsuits because I’m obsessed with Talitha Getty and Stevie Nicks. The sirens will have to settle for trippy instead of kitschy.

To get myself in the mood, I appropriately cue This Mortal Coil’s Song To the Siren on my iTunes playlist. As Elizabeth Fraser’s (of Cocteau Twins) voice reverberates up my spine and lodges a Gibraltar size lump in the back of my throat, thoughts of my recent loss fill my head. My mind ponders the lyrics as Fraser leads me to what could be inevitable despair, but the two pretties bust open my door and prance inanely around the room to the songstress’ doleful wail. Ah, the innocence of youth! I don’t have time to despair! Fuck it!

Grace and Emily have never heard of the Cocteau Twins. They’ve never heard of Sinead O’Connor. They’ve never heard of My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Pixies, or Yo La Tengo either. They’re Beliebers, so time for a lesson on music. They’re into my clothes, so why not baptize them into my music.

Music lecture 101 over, the girls don the vintage attire I’ve curated for them. We change the music to fit the fashion mood. Enter 60s and 70s French pop. I cue the playlist and out belts Serge Gainsbourg with, MelodySince I am in love with this man’s voice, I determine that I am, indeed, in love with the man himself. It’s hard not to be. Hello, Jane Birkin–style goddess of the 60s and 70s!

I’m obsessed with the French’s approach to pop music. It’s all about their colorful and hypnotic language. Duh! You can say anything in French and it’s a done deal. Hook, line, and sinker. Listen to Johnny Hallyday’s, Hey Joe (yes–French Hendrix), and you’ll see what I mean! Très bien–it’s genius!

On Grace: Risaroxx Vintage psychedelic jumpsuit late 60s; Slippers: Risaroxx Vintage late 60s worn as mules or slides. On Emily: Risaroxx Vintage Phool jumpsuit 70s; Platforms: Lanvin (sold a kidney for these).

Song Siren 24   
         Song Siren 31 Song Siren 30 Song Siren 32 Song Siren 33 Song Siren 18 Song Siren 17 Song Siren 16 Song Siren 23 Song Siren 36 Song Siren 21 Song Siren 28 Song Siren 27 Song Siren 26 Song Siren 25

On Grace: Risaroxx Vintage Young Edwardian dress 60s/70s; Sneakers: Vans Old Skool. On Emily: Risaroxx Vintage psychedelic dress 60s/70s (tailored short); Sneakers: Vans Old Skool.

Song Siren 11 Song Siren 12 Song Siren 6 Song Siren 5 Song Siren 7  Song Siren 2Song Siren 13 Song Siren 14 Song Siren 4 Song Siren 3

 Song Siren 10 Song Siren 1 Song Siren 8

I know my advice is to never align oneself to one trend or style era (VG 1:3), but I’m obsessed with all things 60s and 70s. If it looks like something Talitha Getty, Stevie Nicks, Bianca Jagger, or Anita Pallenberg would have worn, I’m all over it!

In the end, wear whatever makes you feel good in the moment! To thine own self be true!




Like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern….

The sneaker is dead. Like ding-dong dead! WTF?! Who says? I didn’t get the memo! They were a mere “blip” on the fashion coolness monitor for…like…ten seconds. News flash: they have flat-lined. Bummer! So what’s going to distract me from the insanity of the sneaker (hey, look…squirrel)? My feet still need some time to recuperate from the toe cleavage debacle of 2014 that left my digits looking like the bound foot of an Imperial Chinese concubine (thanks, Anna Wintour), so I’m not quite ready to let go of comfort right now. What will the style mavens and influencers bequeath upon us in return for this rash decision?!

THE LOAFER! Ah, yes! Invented by the Norse and made for the farmer. Comfort AND practicality. But this blue collar shoe is taking the couture industry by storm by golly: Gucci, Prada, and the likes are selling out of their versions like they’re going out of style (well…wait a second).  Since it’s a cousin to the brogue (and I have quite the brogue-mance going on with mine), I take the change in stride.

The loafer is back, and the sneaker is in trouble. Hey nah! Hey nah! The loafer is back!

Ugh! Does this mean I have to bury my sneakers in order to love the loafer? Not necessarily! I’m not over the sneaker just yet (still need to get me some Fierce Core Puma’s à la Rhianna and a vintage pair of Jeremy Scott Adidas)! I predict they will have a plot in the back of my closet (next to the gladiators) as I cavort with this new-found obsession.

Since the loafer has similar qualities to the brogue, I decide that I’m all in. They’re slightly masculine but built for the ever-so stylish woman. Hence: mannish. Versatile and comfortable to boot (a pun?). The style is right up my alley because I like to mix masculine and feminine; old and new; punk and classy…you get the point, right?! Well, they have grown on me by now, and I am giddy in love. So there! I said it. I professed my love of the loafer.

So, here are a few versions of the loafer that I’ve come to accept–reluctantly–over the sneaker. All of them are vintage in order to fit within my teacher budget, although I did have to arm wrestle Ye Olde Ceramic Pig for the Chanels.

 Loafer 6 Loafer 4 Loafer 7Loafer 5 Loafer 15 Loafer 16 Loafer 10 Loafer 9  Loafer 8 Loafer 17 Loafer 2 Loafer 14 Loafer 13 Loafer 12  Loafer 11 Loafer close up