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Contouring Is For The Maps…

I generally can’t be bothered to wear make-up. I used to think that it was too time-consuming and unnecessary for my skin. I’m pale in the winter and sun-kissed in the summer. That’s all I really need. Now that my skin is going in all different directions (yep, age happens and gravity works), I need a little help with skin tone and extra sun protection. I sometimes use an opaque foundation–followed by some light contouring to slim my cheekbones and brighten my complexion. I don’t always have the time nor the patience, but today I got schooled on how to do the ten minute contour.

I grew up in the 70s and 80s when the “clown-look” was in. Our motto: the more make-up–the more beautiful! Plus, there were only 4 shades of lipstick:┬áred, rust, plum, and pink; one shade of mascara: black; 4 shades of eyeshadow: Tammy Faye blue, Diana Ross silver, Farah green, or Cher brown; and 3 shades of foundation to contend with: light, medium, and dark. Sigh.

Since celebrating the wrong side of my 40s, a little foundation and contouring makes my face look fresh and vibrant. Hmmm, there’s something to this! These days, it’s easier to do. Plus, there’s so much product out there…one is bound to find the right fit for their skin. Since I am a teacher, I am using “drugstore” brands that fit within my budget.

I teamed up with my beauty guru, Grace, to learn about the basics of skin contouring. Since the Kardashian’s were outted with this skin-slimming trick, it’s become the norm. If you’re not doing it, you’re going old-skool. And there’s nothing wrong with that! I am the queen of old-skool.

Here’s the trick:

Step 1: Create a Base

Just like priming a fine piece of meat, one must prime their skin for the day’s cake on. Preferably one that minimizes pores and eliminates any excess oils. In my case–one that eliminates a few fine lines and freckles! Foundation follows suit. Choose one that matches the skin tone on your neck. Use a beauty blender to to gently spread and smooth around the face.

Tip: when in doubt, blend it out.

Step 2: Powder Bronzing

This is the actual “contour” phase of the entire process. To find the right shade of bronze, you must go 2 shades darker than your normal foundation. Are you: warm, cool, or neutral? Who would have thunk? Look at the veins on your wrist. If they appear green, you are warm. If they appear more blue, you are cool. In between? Neutral. Any other color–you are not of this world or you be trippin’! Get it? Got it? Good!

My veins are blue, so I’m cool! I choose a bronzer that has no yellow under-tones (yes, this is a real thing)! If you are warm, you would use a bronzer with no pink under-tones. Apply with a domed, fluffy brush. Find your cheekbones by forming a “fish face” and brush just under the bones. Blend it out.

Tip: do not blend past the end of the eyebrows (imaginary horizontal line down).

Bronze the temple areas and just under the jawline as well. Blend it out with the brush.

Applying bronzer to the nose will also help the face and nose appear slim. Use a thinner dome brush and pinch the ends. Find the beginning of the eyebrows and follow the horizontal line down the edge of the nose. Apply to both sides.

Tip: if you do not blend this in, you will look like the crazy cat lady!

Step 3: Highlighting (optional)

Find a liquid concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your normal foundation. Apply directly on to cheek bones; bridge of nose; cupid’s bow; chin; and forehead. Blend with a beauty blender. Set with light powder or highlighter using the thin domed brush.

Tip: if you have a red tone to your face, do not use blush. Just the contouring is enough.

Voila! You are good to go! Super easy, although I still don’t know what all the craze is about!